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Your Student Account

Keep all of your practice materials organized and track your progress

Recorded Video Lessons

You can re-watch your lessons if you forget something you learned

MP3 Practice Tracks

Practice each exercise exactly the same way every time, ensuring perfection

PDF Lesson Notes

Real-time updates for all lesson notes, right there for you when you practice

What's Beyond The Guitar Playing Plateau?

It's Hard To Learn Without A Teacher

This is probably not the first time you've tried to teach yourself to play guitar. There is so much information available online, it's really overwhelming. You don't know where to start, what you should practice next, or why you're not improving... Most guitar players end up practicing whatever comes to mind, maybe a song or some chords, maybe playing a scale or jamming around... While that's definitely fun for a while, eventually you realize you just put in all those hours of practice, all those years of playing with bad habits... and you still can't really play the way you really want... it just doesn't sound right!

Stop Making These 3 Mistakes

(Why 92% Of Beginners Give Up)

Mistake #1

They Do Not Practice Fundamental Skills Like Ear Training, Rhythm, and Theory

A lot of guitar players want to play songs, but they forget to practice the important skills that will help them play better.

You really need to develop your listening and timing skills in order to play along with music.

Other skills like music theory and fretboard visualization will help you to feel more comfortable improvising.

These skills can become a "bottleneck" if they are neglected.

It's fun and easy to practice these skills, and give you some variety while practicing guitar.

This helps keep things new and interesting every time, by having many exercises that target different areas of your guitar playing skills, not always just playing songs!

Mistake #2

They Do Not Have A Method To Overcome Musical Or Technical Limitations

At some point there will always be another musical challenge, usually some kind of physical technique that we want to learn.

We need to have an arsenal of 'practicing tactics' that will help with memorizing difficult passages, connecting transitions, and building speed to a high level.

This is how you can avoid developing 'bad habits' in your guitar playing technique.

It's easy to get frustrated if you're not improving, even though you have been practicing a lot.

It feels like you are putting all this time into practicing guitar but you're not getting any results.

It's probably because you are not thinking strategically, and trying to put your guitar playing on autopilot just mindlessly playing the same thing over and over again...

We have all been in that situation!

Mistake #3

They Do Not Have A Step-By-Step Framework To Learn And Practice Guitar

Learning to play guitar takes a long time, especially if you don't have a plan.

There are so many things to do, so many songs you can play.

There are so many different skills to practice that may not even be appropriate for your skill level.

The best way to learn guitar is to start playing easy songs right away, then introduce other musical skills as your technique improves.

However, you must control the pace at which you are learning new things versus applying the skills you know and you must continue to rotate between topics to keep things fresh and new, and to improve in all aspects of guitar playing at about the same general speed in each area.

This is how you can avoid hitting a plateau and getting stuck in a rut.

You will always know what the next step is going to be!

Imagine if you did not have a GPS system for driving your car.

It would be impossible for you to get anywhere that you had not been to before, without consulting some type of map or even just asking for directions.

If you want to reach your destination in a reasonable amount of time, you're going to want a path to follow so you can be confident that you won't get lost along the way.

I Studied The Best Guitar Players In The World

Hey, I've been playing guitar almost my entire life.

I've studied and learned from the BEST guitar players in the world - Paul Gilbert, Michel Angelo Batio, John Mayer, Joe Satriani, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, John McGlaughlin... I've written lots of cool songs and released several CDs. I even learned how to play guitar with both hands (but I don't have a cool dual guitar yet). 

Music is so similar to other things - sports, martial arts, working out, meditation, statistics and probability, economics, war strategy, psychology...

Which of course, all develop some very important KEY life skills that are necessary for a healthy life - discipline, patience, goal setting, relaxation, problem solving, anticipating and predicting future events, communication, attentive focus, self awareness...

Studying music will train you to think in multiple perspectives. You'll notice that music is kinda like math, and you'll start seeing patterns and new dimensions!

Now, in the beginning I didn't know anything!

I just wanted to play guitar, like my favorite bands at the time. In fact, I broke one of the strings the first time I picked up a guitar, so my dad locked it up and wouldn't let me touch it anymore...

The point is I'm no different than you, I'm not gifted or talented or some genius. I just really wanted to learn, so I tried to teach myself using all the familiar methods: books, youtube videos, online lessons, forums, friends, trial and error...

Nothing really worked!

Sure, I could play a few songs... but I wasn't satisfied. I mean, I had practiced for SO LONG and for SO MANY YEARS that I just couldn't believe how little progress I was making...

I didn't really think much about having a guitar teacher.

I thought guitar teachers would force you to do things you didn't really want to do.

Besides, I wanted to come up with my own way of doing things...

So I had been avoiding getting a teacher for the longest time.

Big mistake!

One day I finally found a guitar teacher (someone who seemed to know what he was talking about).

I learned more in my FIRST guitar lesson than I ever did in 10 years of trying to practice guitar without a teacher.

I realized that what I had been doing was all the WRONG things. All the bad habits that make you a sloppy player...

There were musical skills that I had been neglecting, and I didn't even know it.

Without 'officially' studying music, it's really difficult to come up with your own ideas.

One little problem tho...

There's so many different ways to study music.

There are countless systems and scales and exercises.

How do you know which is the right one?

What should you do first, second, and third?

What songs should you learn? What scales should you practice? How do you build speed?

It gets a bit overwhelming.

The good news, I've worked with hundreds of guitar students over the years.

I've developed  my Virtual Guitar Gym strategy to help other guitar players make consistent progress every single time they practice!

I have already laid out a step-by-step plan for you. 

All you need to do is follow the directions and do the exercises. We will work together to make sure you practice correctly, and you will start to see progress and results within the first 5 minutes.

The Virtual Guitar Gym

Anyone Can Learn Guitar, Anytime They Want

Virtual Lessons
vs Private Lessons

When I first tried teaching video guitar lessons, I was skeptical whether it would work as well as private lessons. My students proved me wrong. Students can learn much faster with the tools now available virtually!

LIVE Training

I have students of all ages, and ALL of my students are making consistent progress, because I work with them personally. I make sure they practice exactly how I would, if I were in their shoes. You can also have some lessons recorded, so you can re-watch them.

Practice Routine

I have created SHORT ~1 minute recordings for YOU to practice along with in your student account. This means that you can practice as MUCH or as LITTLE as you want, based on how much time you have!

Not Convinced Yet?

You can't see my hands, you can't correct my mistakes. How can you teach me virtually?

We agree that virtual lessons are NOT the same as private lessons. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. However, if you have a webcam, we WILL be able to see your hands. Also, keep in mind that MUSIC is much more of a 'hearing' skill than a 'seeing' skill... So we will be able to detect small nuances in the SOUND that will give us a much better indication of what the problem is, rather than spotting technical errors.

It might have worked for other people, but I don't learn the same way.

Yes, this is why we make sure to work with you One-on-One because we know that you will have specific challenges that other students do not. We need to make sure that you practice the way that works best for YOU. Sometimes, that means doing the same things as other people (after all, that's what works) but sometimes we have to go much further in depth for you. Keep in mind that all of your lessons are recorded, so you can re-watch them later.

I don't have time for guitar lessons, I don't have time to practice.

Your lessons will not take much time out of your schedule. Lessons usually run for about one hour. This is basically the minimum amount of time necessary to make consistent progress, which means you don't really have to practice all that much during the week. Of course, the more you practice, the faster you will improve. Which is why we have created lots of short ~1 minute recordings for you to play along with at home, so you can choose how much time you want to practice!

I can't remember what we did last lesson, I forgot how to play it.

This is why your lessons are recorded, so you can re-watch them again later. This is why we have mp3 backing tracks there for you to practice... This way you don't have to worry about forgetting anything, or practicing the wrong way because I'm basically practicing for you, recording it, and then you're practicing the exact same thing WITH ME on the recording. So it's like I'm there in the room with you at all times. You're going to practice EXACTLY the right way, as if I were in your shoes.

Here's What You Get!

Easily Play Anything You Want Without Technical Limitations

The hardest part about playing guitar is learning the technique. You need to be able to synchronize both hands doing different motions, kinda like rubbing your tummy and patting your head.

Clean Up All That Sloppy String Noise, And Play With Power And Precision

If you make any small error, you'll get a nasty sound from the amp. That's why you want to learn how to mute excess string noise and develop a professional sound. There is a special, secret picking technique called 'Thumb Muting' that will allow you to achieve absolutely crisp and clean tone along with maximum speed efficiency.

Pave A Roadmap On Your Guitar So You Can Navigate The Fretboard Without Getting 'Lost'

Memorizing the fretboard is every guitarist's dream and it's actually a lot easier than you might think. At first, it seems daunting because there are so many notes. That's why I invented my own methods for practical application and memorization of every note on the guitar with ease and fluency. It's more fun when you are playing real music!

Choose The Right Notes To Convey The Emotions You Want To Express

Every note, interval, key and chord has a particular emotion associated with the movement and distance between the notes. When you study the theory, you will be able to call upon those emotions anytime.

Unlock The Sounds You Hear To Understand What Is Happening In The Music

The most important KEY musical skill that you could ever possibly learn is Ear Training. The only way to sense or perceive music is through listening, so it makes sense that we should practice these crucial listening skills regularly.

Develop The Ability To Hear Something And Then Play It Immediately On Your Guitar

You can become absolutely fluent in guitar language, to hear anything or think of anything and then play it immediately on the guitar. This may seem impossible, but it's actually very similar to typing on a keyboard, we think of the word and then use our fingertips to put our thoughts onto paper. It's the exact same thing when you play guitar.

Smoothly Combine All Of Your Skills To Create Interesting Variations And New Musical Ideas

Once you start creating your own music, you become a musician. You have an arsenal of tools and knowledge that you can use for ideas, and you'll need to be able to combine and transition between those skills without making mistakes. This is similar to passing through an obstacle course with various tricks to perform along the way.

Write Catchy Guitar Riffs That Sound Great Every Time

If you actually want people to listen to your guitar playing, you need to sound catchy. You need to grab the attention of the listener, with hooks and repetition and variations. You can't just aimlessly play guitar solos the whole time.

Play Complex Rhythms Perfectly In Time, Without Missing A Beat

One powerful trick to sounding like a professional is to perfect your timing skills. If you can play music with perfect timing, you can actually get away with lots of mistakes without anybody noticing!

DOUBLE Or TRIPLE Your Guitar Speed, Even If You Never Thought It Was Possible For You

The reason you cannot play faster is because you have bad habits that are holding you back. You need specific practicing tactics and strategies to help you remove these fundamental problems, and then you can play much faster!

Wish You Could Play Guitar?
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One-On-One Virtual Electric Guitar Lessons In San Diego

Your Student Account

Keep all of your practice materials organized and track your progress

Recorded Video Lessons

You can re-watch your lessons if you forget something you learned

MP3 Practice Tracks

Practice each exercise exactly the same way every time, ensuring perfection

PDF Lesson Notes

Real-time updates for all lesson notes, right there for you when you practice

By The Way, Did You Know

The #1 Excuse Is "I Don't Have Time"

1. You Don't Need More Time

You need to have MORE FUN! If you are having fun, you won't consider it a chore. You will WANT to play more!

2. You Already Waste Time

You are already wasting your time doing other things, like checking your email and chatting with friends, or watching Netflix!

3. Practice Is FAST and EASY

You only need to practice about 10-15 minutes, every 2-3 DAYS. Practice along with the recordings in your student account.

4. Lessons Can Replace Practice

Your lessons are already going to be enough to help you make some progress. You don't HAVE to practice every week.

5. Your Lessons Are SHORT

Your lessons are going to be about one hour each week. One hour out of 168 hours during the week is only 0.6% of your time.

Your Student Account

Save Time, Stay Organized

All of your lesson materials will be found in your student account. You will be able to get all of your lesson notes, all the video lessons, all the mp3 recordings so you can practice along, all the links to any other tool you might need, all of those things can be found in one neat and organized online student account.

This has been an incredible help, because organization is a HUGE problem for me as a teacher, and my students. There is so much stuff to do, and it's easy to get overwhelmed. However, with your student account, we will be able to keep track of everything. I have several plans and strategies in place to solve this.
You're going to be organized, which saves you a lot of time when you practice, and you will get far better results because you will be able to make more progress this way. You can keep track of what you have already practiced, and what you need to practice next.

PDF Lesson Notes

Real-Time Updates

Your pdf lesson notes will have all the real-time updates that will be compiled and added over time. Each time I teach one of my lessons, there is always a little more to 'squeeze out' and so I add some notes into the lesson.

Unfortunately, there are HUNDREDS of physical copies of my books out there with my lesson notes in them, and nobody has access to them except for that one student. That also means I have forgotten most of what I have written down for them.

Thankfully, I have found a way to solve this problem as well! By keeping my own copy on my computer, I can continually update ONE file, and allow all of my students to download the file from their student account.
This makes it so easy for you to practice because the fully updated lesson notes will be right there next to there for you to view instantly when you want to practice that exercise!

Video Guitar Lessons

Practice Your Guitar

Keep in mind that these are one-on-one lessons, so we will be doing a video call together on Zoom. I will give you instructions how to use your student account, and then walk you through the practicing process. This means that YOU will be the one practicing, not me.

Yes, this means that your lessons are fully interactive.

You're the driver, I'm the passenger giving you directions. You execute the plan, you practice guitar while I give you instructions. That's how it works!
This actually guarantees you will get instant results, because you are going to be doing things the right way the first time. There is not going to be any 'trial and error' going on here.

MP3 Practice Tracks

Training Modules

The best part is practicing along with the mp3 tracks. This is how you make sure that you are practicing correctly every single time. How can you get it wrong when you have a model to follow?

I used to have a curious problem... I would see my student the week after I showed them a song and they learned it a completely different way than how I taught them. I know this happens because they do not have a model to follow. They did not have an mp3 track to practice along with, that makes sure you do it the SAME WAY every single time.
So I've recorded hundreds of short backing track for you to practice along with at home, that will make practicing FUN and EFFECTIVE! Well, the solution seems obvious now, but it took me a long time to figure this out!

Your Guitar Tracker

Track Your Progress

Over time, you will be able to keep track of all of your lessons with your own personal guitar tracker. You will be able to score yourself for each song that we learn, so you will know how well you are doing in each area.

Now usually, tracking your progress is can be pretty boring. You'll have to log all your practice time and all the exercises you do, and that just gets overwhelming.
So, I developed a way to track your progress quickly and easily, and in order to get the perfect score, you need to play exactly right. In fact, I'll track your progress FOR you, so you don't even have to. You can just view the tracker on your end and follow along.

Level Advancement

Book Series

Your lessons have been separated by skill level, and planned in a strategic order to help you develop a well-rounded practice routine. Each module contains several songs or exercises from the books for you to study and practice.
Learning guitar takes a long time, and it's easy to get distracted along the way. When you have specific and attainable goals to accomplish, the process becomes a lot more enjoyable. That's why we created a series that you can complete and graduate!

I've Coached Many Students Over The Years...
We Will Have FUN Playing Guitar, 100% Guaranteed

FREE Introductory Guitar Lesson In San Diego

If You Are Not Satisfied With Your First Guitar Lesson, There Is No Obligation To Continue!

One-On-One Virtual Electric Guitar Lessons In San Diego

Your Student Account

Keep all of your practice materials organized and track your progress

Recorded Video Lessons

You can re-watch your lessons if you forget something you learned

MP3 Practice Tracks

Practice each exercise exactly the same way every time, ensuring perfection

PDF Lesson Notes

Real-time updates for all lesson notes, right there for you when you practice

Limited Time Discount

The Virtual Guitar Gym is currently still in its 'beta' version. Some portions are not fully completed and will require a bit more effort to study and master without all of the materials available. As the program continues to expand and update, the price of the program will also increase for future applicants. You must apply immediately if you want to lock in your discounted rate!

Limited Student Availability

We only have space for a few more students, so you will want to join the program
as soon as possible to avoid being put on the waiting list!

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